ISA96 A2/103

Front View A2/103 "Standard" and "Extended"

ISA96 A2/103 (8HP-Version)

As successor of the renowned CPU boards from the M4 series, Janich & Klass has developed the industrial high-performance processor card ISA96 A2/103. The core of this 3U/8HP board is the CPU Module A2 with firmly soldered processor, DDR3 main memory, and processor power supply.

The CPU Module bases on Intel's Ultra-Mobile Platform "Pineview" with the "Atom" processors N455, D425, and D525, and also the I/O-Controller "ICH8". The processors are available in different clock rates, with 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz. The firmly soldered DDR3 main memory is equipped with 1GByte, or 2GByte. On demand, the main memory size can be doubled, by adding an SODIMM module.

ISA96 M4/103

Further to the standard PC interfaces, the ISA96 A2/103 features a Gigabit-Ethernet controller, three SATA interfaces, up to six USB 2.0 interfaces, and an Intel GMA3150 Graphic Controller with Flat-Panel interface. A hardware monitor, a watchdog, and a FlashDisk complete the equipment of this industrial processor card.

Great attention was attached to the long-term availability of the card: Its components originate from the specific embedded product lines of the relative manufacturers.

The Technical Data in Short:
  • CPU-Modul A2 with the following features:
    • Firmly soldered Intel "Atom"-Processor with Intel Hyper-Threading-Technology:
      N455 with 1,66GHz, 6,5W Thermal Design Power, 512KB L2-Cache
      D425 with 1,8GHz, 10W Thermal Design Power, 512KB L2-Cache
      D525 with 1,8GHz, 13W Thermal Design Power, 1MB L2-Cache, Dual-Core
    • 1GByte or 2GByte firmly soldered DDR3-SDRAM, up to 800MT/s
    • SODIMM-Socket for additional 1GByte or 2GByte DDR3-SDRAM
    • Integrated GMA3150 Graphicscontroller with 400MHz clock frequency and Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT)
    • Supports LVDS-Displays with up to 1366 x 768 Pixels at 18Bits per Pixel
    • Supports VGA-Monitors with up to 2048 x 1536 Pixels at 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • Intel ICH8M South-Bridge, Winbond Super-IO W83627
  • Integrated Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T with RJ45-receptacle on the front panel
  • Hardware-Monitor for surveillance of temperatures, fan speed and supply voltages
  • AWARD/Phoenix-BIOS and VGA-BIOS in 8MByte Serial-Flash
  • BIOS boots from hard disk drive, Flash, Network and USB
  • Copy of BIOS-Setup in the EEPROM
  • On-Board CompactFlash socket and On-Board 512MB Flash-Disk at the IDE interface
  • 44pol. 2mm-header for 2,5" hard disk drive also at the IDE interface
  • 1MByte battery-buffered SRAM-Disc
  • Three SATA-Ports on the Board
  • VGA-Interface for analog Monitors on the front panel
  • One AT-compatible serial interface with 16 Byte FIFO (hard-wired as RS232C interface)
  • One USB-2.0 interface on the front panel
  • Connections for keyboard and PS/2 mouse via Mini-DIN receptacle on the front panel (via Y cable)
  • Watchdog, can be disabled, trigger period can be set between 0.25s and 32s
  • connector for internal keyboard, mouse, USB, speaker on header row or Rear-I/O adapter
  • LED displays on the front panel: "Run", "DD" and "GP", and 2 LEDs for Ethernet
  • 3U board with front panel 8HP,
    Dimensions of the board 100mm x 160mm x 40.6mm
  • Operating temperature 5-55°C, relative humidity 10-90% non condensing
  • Required supply voltages: +5V (typ. 4,0A)
Additional Features in the 8HP-Standard-Version:
  • parallel interface (ECP, EPP, PS/2, SPP) on the front panel
  • Header for an additional serial- and USB-interface as exchangeable driver module on the front panel (RS232C+USB or RS485/422 Opto+USB or threefold USB-Hub)
  • Optional On-Board 2.5" hard disk drive at the IDE interface
Additional Features in the 8HP-Extended-Version:
  • parallel interface (ECP, EPP, PS/2, SPP) on the front panel
  • second Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T with RJ45-receptacle on the front panel
  • second USB-2.0 interface on the front panel
  • Optional On-Board 2.5" hard disk drive at the IDE interface
ISA96- oder AT96 Bus (configurable by Jumper)

Order Numbers:
434.269000.010 0  ISA96 A2/103 with Atom N455 1,66GHz, 1GB, 8HP
434.269001.010 8  ISA96 A2/103 with Atom D425 1,80GHz, 2GB, 8HP
434.269002.010 6  ISA96 A2/103 with Atom D525 1,80GHz, 2GB, 8HP
434.269010.010 6  AT96 A2/103 with Atom N455 1,66GHz, 1GB, 8HP
434.269011.010 4  AT96 A2/103 with Atom D425 1,80GHz, 2GB, 8HP
434.269012.010 2  AT96 A2/103 with Atom D525 1,80GHz, 2GB, 8HP

Order Numbers for Accessories:
434.268850.000 4  D2/103 HD-Carrier1 for 2,5"-IDE-HD, with Kabel but without HD
434.268850.010 2  D2/103 HD-Carrier2 for 2,5"-SATA-HD, with Adapter but without HD
434.268850.011 3  D2/103 HD-Carrier2 with 2,5"-SATA-HD 80GB (24x7h) and Adapter
434.269051.000 6  A2/103 Front-Extender1 (Gigabit-Ethernet, USB 2.0), for Extended with LPT
434.269053.000 2  A2/103 Rear-Extender1, compatible with M4/103 Extender-Busses

Usable with A2/103 Rear Extender1:
434.268653.001 1  M4/103 Extender-Bus2 (18bit-TFT (Digital-RGB), Keyboard, Speaker)
404.268653.002 0  M4/103 Extender-Bus3 (18bit-TFT (Digital-RGB), Keyboard, USB, Z-Rail)
434.268653.003 3  M4/103 Extender-Bus4 (LVDS, Keyboard, Speaker)

Serial-Modules for COM2 for 8TE Standard-Version:
434.268660.000 2  Serial-Modul M4 RS232C, 1x USB 2.0
404.268661.000 8  Serial-Modul M4 RS485/422 Opto, 1x USB 2.0
404.268662.000 6  Serial-Modul M4 USB-Hub3, 3x USB 2.0
404.268663.000 4  Serial-Modul M4 RS232C Opto, 1x USB 2.0
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