ISA96 H1/103

Sideview, clearly recognizable the ‚Rear-Extender‘

With equipped SATADOM module and CF card

H1/103 with 2.5“-SATA-SSD and serial module

The H1/103 with its ultra-low-power 4th generation of Intel's Core i-processors (codename „Haswell“) continues Janich&Klass CPU boards made for ISA96- and AT96-Bus. Staying mostly compatible with Janich&Klass predecessor boards V8/103, D2/103, A2/103 and M4/103, the H1/103 furthermore offers awesome enhanced performance and modern high speed interfaces.

Still with the base version of the board there will be 2 Gigabit Ethernet Controller and 2 USB3.0 interfaces included. The outdated VGA port is replaced by a DisplayPort connector, where easy adapting to HDMI, DVI and even VGA is possible, if needed. For storage devices there is still a CompactFlash socket and an optional mounted 2.5” drive holder and as an improvement the option to use so called SATADOM modules.

The proved core of the H1/103 embodies the “CPU Modul H1” with its DDR3L onboard memory plus SODIMM socket and the dual-core processor with a specified thermal design power of 15W that still enables for passive cooled solutions. Janich&Klass offers this CPU module with a cost sensitive Celeron as well as with i5 and i7 processors.

The main board of H1/103 carries all further system components and all interfaces to the outer world. As still usual there is the possibility to add a further serial interface (COM2), a ‚Rear-Extender‘ e.g. for connection of a flatpanel and a ‚Front-Extender‘ for further customer specific functions/interfaces.

Special attention was spent for selecting long-term available components out of specific embedded product lines of the respective manufacturers.

The Technical Data in Short:
  • ISA96/AT96 processor board in dimension 3U, 8HP
  • ‚CPU-Modul H1‘ with the following features:
    • Firmly soldered ULT versions out of Intel’s 4th Generation Core i processors („Haswell“)
      Celeron 2980U (2M cache, 1.6 GHz)
      Core i5-4300U (3M cache, 1.9 GHz, turbo 2.9 GHz)
      Core i7-4650U (4M cache, 1.7 GHz, turbo 3.3 GHz)
    • Normally active cooled by a fan, but also passive cooled versions possible (depending on ambient conditions and processor type and usage)
    • 4GByte onboard DDR3L memory, SODIMM socket for up to 8GB modules, data rate 1600MHz
  • optional ‚Rear-Extender‘ fitting to existing ‚Extender-Busses‘ of M4/103, A2/103 and D2/103, mainly for connection of flatpanels
  • optional 2,5“ SATA drive, mountable on aluminium carrier without expanding the 8HP
  • SATA socket (7pin including power supply logic for „SATADOM“ modules)
  • CF socket for memory cards
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Intel i218 und i210) with RJ45 connector on front panel
  • 2 USB3.0 and 1 USB2.0 auf front panel
  • PS/2 connector for keyboard/mouse (using Y-cable) on front panel
  • DisplayPort connector on front panel
  • Serial interface COM1 as RS232C on front panel
  • Optional serial module as COM2, selectable from versions RS232, RS232 Opto, RS485/422 Opto (all with additional USB port)
  • Instead of using serial module COM2 there can be used quite easy to developed custom specific ‚Front Extender‘ with additional devices/interfaces based on PCIe, SATA, USB, I2C, LPC, like 3rd Ethernet Controller, CFast socket, WLAN module, Digital I/O and so on.
  • 1MByte battery-backed static memory
  • Nuvoton Super-IO NCT6779D (with internal hardware monitor for supervisory of power supplies, temperatures and fan rotational speeds)
  • Operating ambient temperature 0-65°C
  • Power supply: +5V
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