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New CPU Board for the ISA96/AT96 Bus
ISA96 P5/103
The ISA96 P5/103 CPU board with the Intel Low Power Pentium MMX processor expands the product spectrum of Janich & Klass Computertechnik from Wuppertal/Germany. The CPU board with 166MHz clock frequency is available for the ISA96 Bus and for the AT96-Bus.

As a matter of fact, top attention was paid to industrial performance during design. The Low Power CPU allows fan-free operation. The hard-wired RAM raises the operating security, as also the possibility to do without rotating media when using Flash drives instead.

The board is equipped with all essential PC elements. Integrated VGA, Fast Ethernet controller, IDE interfaces and FD interfaces are assembled, as also Compact Flash sockets and serial interfaces. An integrated hardware monitor and a watchdog (that can be disabled) complete this industrial computer board.

In addition to the board itself, Janich & Klass offers a computer sub-rack with integrated backplane, 20HP wide. The backplane offers five slots, each 4HP wide. The required supply voltages are fed via a Molex connector.

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