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German Employment Offices Scan with DpuScan 4.11

German Employment Offices Scan with DpuScan

In Germany, the Employment Offices are called "Bundesagentur für Arbeit". Right now, a model trial has started with initially two Employment Offices in order to take-over the former paper files by a so-called "electronic file", right in time, in the first two weeks of November 2004. During the next 18 months, about 15 millions of originals from old files will be scanned and will become available to the staff for processing them on their PCs, together with the actual new originals, all together as electronic files.

There had been a public tender for:

  • 5 batch scanners incl. maintenance and on-site exchange service
  • 5 licenses for scan software incl. maintenance
  • 15 licenses for indexing, or quality assurance software incl. maintenance

Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH (J&K) from Wuppertal/Germany was awarded for their software DpuScan Version 4.11 which they develop in Wuppertal, together with 5 batch scanners SCAMAX 401cd from InoTec GmbH, Wölfersheim/Germany.

As the image processing functions of these scanners have also been developed by J&K for InoTec, you can conclude that, in these Employment Offices, the entire transformation of paper documents to electronic files will be executed by technology from J&K, Wuppertal.

The German Employment Office (Bundesagentur für Arbeit = BA) is a self-governed Federal Corporation of Public Right.

It is organized in three stages:

  • 1 head-quarters in Nürnberg (Top Instance)
  • 10 regional directions (Medium Instances)
  • 180 "Agencies for Labor" with about 1,200 inferior branch offices and 15 special offices with specific tasks. Among them are the BA Service House in Nürnberg und the IT System House of the BA.

The head-quarters in Nürnberg assures by additional rules, central planning, control and checks that the tasks in the entire Republic are fulfilled in a correct and uniform manner.

Arranged below the regional directions and coordinated by them is a major number of "Agencies for Labor". Their regions usually match borders of the federal states, still considering economic correlations.

The Agencies are obliged to immediately execute their tasks. In the agency regions that mostly comprise several townships and counties, further offices exist that operate steadily or at least for certain hours.

The BA-IT System House plans and realizes exhaustive all infra-structural measures that are required to process the information, and they operate the main computing center of the BA.

The BA-Service House is responsable for the execution of the model trial "electronic file".

Among the tasks of the BA are the payment of unemployment benefit (Alg) and support of continuing professional education (FbW). Full unemployment benefit is granted only for a limited period; afterwards it changes to a lower, so-called "Unemployed Aid" (Alhi) which is also paid by the BA, and finally a special Childrens Allowance (KG).

All these benefits are processed in the "Agencies for Labor". All allied forms mean paperwork that until now was stored in paper files, individually for every appliant.

The BA wants to waive the former paper file by a so-called "electronic file". The application of this electronic file is now verified in form of a model trial for the areas Alg, Alhi, FbW and KG, innitially in two Labor Agencies, with scan technolgy from J&K. After the completion of this model trial, the results and experiences will be evaluated and then be used for the decision whether it shall be introduced in the entire Federal Republic.

August 2004 saw the public tender for this model trial. An detailed questionnaire defined the capacity demands (for example a scan quantity of at least 10,000 sheets a day, and scanning in color and bitonal at one time) for scanners and software. A total of 50 different criteria had at least to be fulfilled as mandatory, and more than 80 further wished criteria were listed; everything was entered by a points system to value the best price - / capacity relation.

The quotation from J&K with DpuScan 4.11 and SCAMAX 401cd had the best relation in price and capacity, and in consequence J&K was queried, in October 2004, to send such a systems for trial. The installation was made directly in the BA-Service House in Nürnberg. Together with the IT specialists of the BA, the J&K specialists could realize to complete the functionality as queried in the tender. In parallel, the staff of the two labor agencies, where the trial should take place, was already trained.

After the proper function could be proven by the test installation, in October, the first week of November 2004 brought the final approval, connected with the delivery of the remaining four scanners and software licenses, and their installation in the foreseen labor agencies.

J&K is active in "electronic data processing" since 1987. Constant research for improving image processing technologies, related to quality optimization of documents, is the theme of a specific, small but efficient department.

Since 1996, J&K has developed DpuScan as their own software, optimized for high scan throughput, for transforming paper documents to electronic documents, and has constantly evoluted and maintained it. Thanks to intensive contact of the software developers to the users, over the years a capture software developed that not only meets the user demands, but even surpasses it. International competition more and more proves that the unexpensive price of DpuScan, and at the same time its top performance, are more often recognized and can lead to win also important projects.


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