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Peripherie Board for CompactPCI
Janich & Klass GmbH, the electronic manufacturers from Wuppertal/Germany, expand their program for two CPCI boards.

The CPCI SER4/PAR1 is a universal 6U interface board with up to four serial interfaces and one parallel interface. The serial interfaces are either hard-wired as RS232C interfaces, or they can be individually be configured by the proven serial modules from J&K as RS485 or as 20mA interface, for example. Alternativly to the serial modules, also modules with 8 digital inputs or 8 digital outputs can be utilized.

The CPCI DIGIO6 is introduced as a new digital input/output board with up to 32 each inputs and outputs. The inputs and outputs are conceptioned for the 24V technique and are potentially separated from the computer by opto couplers. The outputs are secured against overcurrent and overheat. By additional functions like timer, watchdog, survey of the outputs, and codeable Mini-Combicon connectors, the board is suited best for industrial applications. The version with 16 each inputs and outputs, each input and output features an LED showing its condition.

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