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SCAMAX 4x1 Series: The upgradable Scanners at CeBit 2004
Scamax 421CD: The Flagship of the Scamax 4x1 Series

On Stand 7n6 in Hall 1 at the CeBit 2004, InoTec GmbH presented for the first time - their new SCAMAX 4x1 Series, together with DpuScan 4.1

The SCAMAX 4x1 Series from InoTec now consists of uncountable many models that may be for color, grayscale or bitonal scanning, and still they are offered in different speed versions.

In fact, however, it is always the same base model that can be upgraded, by different options, to the desired model

The Upgrade Concept:

With their Upgrade Concept, the InoTec GmbH makes it possible to adapt the document scanner to modified production conditions. In order to come up with a risen quantity of documents, it is no longer necessary to purchase a new scanner, but an upgrade in capacity will solve the actual problem at a minor expense. There will be no break in production by training for the operators, by applying new software, etc

An update from a bitonal to the color scanner clearly shows that the document scanners can "grow" with your raised demands. Such, a SCAMAX 401BS (bitonal, simplex, 80ppm) can turn to be a SCAMAX 421CD (color, duplex, 150ppm). A bitonal entry-level model is transformed to a high-end color scanner

The Capacity Classes:

  • SCAMAX 401: 80ppm/160ipm
  • SCAMAX 411: 110ppm/220ipm
  • SCAMAX 421: 150ppm/300ipm

Each of these models is available as bitonal, grayscale or color version. It can be upgraded at any later time to a higher version (higher speed, for example, or black&white to color). A fast version can still be set to reduced speed in order to, for example, handle more delicate paper


  • 75dpi,100dpi, 150dpi, 200dpi, 240dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi
  • 80 to 300ipm, bitonal, grayscale and color
  • Barcode decoder
  • Patchcode decoder
  • Real-time imprinter, prints also barcodes
    The optional real-time imprinter features several internal counters; they can be controlled by certain events. Such, a counter may increment after every scan, others however are incremented only at a certain event or are reset back. Events can also control whether a counter is switched on or off. Events may be preset by counter levels of certain counters, and/or patchcode sheets. The counter readings are reported to the scan software with every scanned sheet; they are evaluated by DpuScan, for example, and can also be used to control the storage
  • Cropping and Deskew certainly also on the color image
  • Electronic color dropout with digital filter, also for mixed colors
  • At user choice: White or black scan background
  • Feeder for 500 originals
  • Ultrasonic double feed sensor
  • PSC PaperSurfaceControl
  • TSCP TouchScreen Communication Panel
  • Multistream bitonal, grayscale and color, all in one scan
  • Energy-saving top-performance lighting system, Linear Excimer Lamp System
  • PFC Paper Flow control
  • SCSI-3 UW LVD (160Mbyte/s data transfer), fast enough for uncompressed color images
  • ISIS and Twain
  • MDIT (Multi Dimensional Intelligent Thresholding)
    Contrary to the competitors' products, that halt the scan process at a bad scan quality, the automatic threshold of MDIT surveys the quality during scanning and automatically adapts the threshold parameters without the need to interrupt the scan process

The Cooperation between InoTec and J&K

Already the first scanner developed by InoTec, the SCAMAX 5000 scanner, more than ten years ago, became to be the high-end scan server in its time, together with the DPU1 from Janich & Klass. Later, the DPU16+ was utilized; also for the video interface of the SCAMAX 2500 and later the SCAMAX 2600, there were interface boards to the DPU16+. From 1996 on, SCAMAX scanners were available with an optional SCSI interface. Here, the SmartScsi Board from Janich & Klass was integrated

Already in the year 2001, the concept was fixed for the upgradeable scanner family with ample image processing functions. Here, image processing is NOT executed by proprietary special hardware, but exclusively by software algorithms developed and supported by J&K. Such, a SCAMAX 410S, delivered already one year ago, can easily be upgraded today to the newest image processing with automatic threshold: By just a software update! Also here, the future is already built-in

Janich & Klass supplies the SCSI160 board to InoTec, programs drivers for TWAIN and ISIS, and with DpuScan 4.1 they offer the optimal scan software for SCAMAX scanners. Firmware in the SCSI Board, drivers and application: All from the same source

In England, SCAMAX scanners are exclusive marketed by Scanning Resources Ltd. In Germany and Europe, you can get these scanners either from InoTec directly, or also from Janich & Klass.

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