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DpuScan 4.1 at imexpo 2004 in London
John Kane and Mike Evans presenting DpuScan
On the booth of Scanning Resources, from April 27, 2004 to April 29, 2004 on occasion of the imexpo 2004, DpuScan 4.1 was initially presented in Great Britain, together with the new SCAMAX® 400 Scanners. Also here, like before at the AIIM 2004 in New York and at the CeBIT 2004 in Hannover, the public was impressed by the exciting new features of the Universal Capture Software DpuScan 4.1 together with the SCAMAX® 400 Scanner Series.

Mainly the Automatic Threshold and the Automatic Deskew also at very dark coloured originals (here: Catalog pages) found great approval. The course of the discussions during the Roadshow points to rising business in the UK.

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